Nutrient Management

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Services:      Project Management

                      NASM Plan Certification

                      Surface Water Impact Mitigation

                      Groundwater Impact Mitigation

                      Soil Science

What is Nutrient Management?

Nutrient management balances soil properties with the needs of crops. With more than 15 years of experience in nutrient management, Jp2g helps municipalities and industries apply beneficial products to agriculture fields to restore nutrients to the soil, thereby balancing soil properties with crop requirements.

Non-Agriculture Source Materials (NASM) – a Sustainable Solution

Non-Agriculture Source Materials (NASM) are byproducts produced by industry that can be used for beneficial agricultural land application. NASMs can include sewage biosolids, pulp and paper biosolids, wood ash, and other byproducts. Spreading NASMs onto agricultural fields allows for a responsible and cost-effective means of disposing of these materials while also providing valuable nutrients to soils and crops. Use of NASMs in agriculture is regulated under the Nutrient Management Act and O. Reg. 267.

How Jp2g Can Help

Jp2g’s personnel are certified by the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food, and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA) to complete the appropriate approvals documentation for NASM use (i.e. NASM plans and Land Application Schedules).

NASM plans are required by OMAFRA to describe NASM properties, soil properties, spreading limits, storage areas, environmental sensitivities, and farm units. We work with municipal and private-sector clients to complete field assessments, obtain OMAFRA approvals, and determine land application rates and limitations of their NASMs. We help our clients understand legislation under the Nutrient Management Act, and the requirements for achieving the proper approvals for land application of NASM.