Haley Townsite Communal Well Establishment

Location:      Haley Townsite, Ontario

Client:           Township of Whitewater Region

Status:          Completed in 2006

Services:      Project Management


                      Well Design

                      Field Coordination and Sampling

The objective of this project was to develop a backup water supply for Haley Township. Jp2g was retained by the Township of Whitewater Region to design and supervise the construction of a new communcal backup well.

Jp2g obtained Permits To Take Water from the MOECC for the testing and long-term use of the well. Jp2g conducted a 24-hour stop test and a 72-hour aquifer test, assessed the water quality, and completed a GUDI study assessing the groundwater under the influence of surface water. The GUDI study characterized the hydrogeological setting, described local surface water features, assessed the physical condition of on-site wells, evaluated source groundwater quality, and determined the need of for filtration.