• scrolling banner - <p>Tulip Bar and Wine Lounge - Ottawa International Airport,<br />
Ottawa, ON</p>

    Tulip Bar and Wine Lounge - Ottawa International Airport,
    Ottawa, ON

  • scrolling banner - <p>Limestone Trail Subdivision,<br />
Petawawa, Ontario</p>

    Limestone Trail Subdivision,
    Petawawa, Ontario

  • scrolling banner - <p>Cyr Distribution Centre,<br />
Ottawa, Ontario</p>

    Cyr Distribution Centre,
    Ottawa, Ontario

  • scrolling banner - <p>Petawawa Centennial Family Health Centre,<br />
Petawawa, Ontario</p>

    Petawawa Centennial Family Health Centre,
    Petawawa, Ontario

  • scrolling banner - <p><span style="color:#000000;">Stormwater Management Expansion, Chalk River Laboratories, Deep River, Ontario</span></p>

    Stormwater Management Expansion, Chalk River Laboratories, Deep River, Ontario

  • scrolling banner - <p>South March Public School,<br />
Ottawa, Ontario</p>

    South March Public School,
    Ottawa, Ontario

  • scrolling banner - <p>Civic Centre Road Reconstruction,<br />
Town of Petawawa, Ontario</p>

    Civic Centre Road Reconstruction,
    Town of Petawawa, Ontario

Welcome to Jp2g Consultants Inc.

Jp2g Consultants Inc. is an employee owned, multi-discipline consulting firm providing a comprehensive range of engineering, planning, environmental, and project management services to the public and private sectors, from offices located in Arnprior, Ottawa, and Pembroke. Jp2g is committed to maintaining client satisfaction, encouraging employee growth, and enhancing the communities we live in.

Jp2g was formed in September 2000 through the merger of the Pembroke (established 1971) and Ottawa (established 1996) offices of The Greer Galloway Group Inc. with Janota Patrick & Associates Ltd. (established 1986) in Pembroke. Our team includes more than 90 dedicated professional engineers, planners, hydrogeologists, technicians, specialists, and administrative support personnel. By focusing on clear communication and teamwork, we provide our clients with integrated, multi-disciplinary solutions.